Scenario Planning for the Lower Rio Grande and Scenario Planning Webinar

The webinar focused on the riparian zone and adjacent ecosystems in the Big Bend reach of the river, including the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River and the Monumento Natural Río Bravo del Norte in Mexico.  Key outcomes included: increased capacity in the Rio Grande-Río Bravo bi-national region for using scenario planning to address uncertainty in future climatic conditions; a set of preliminary climate change scenarios for the region, including plausible scenarios of future environmental and social impacts; and enthusiasm for continued and more detailed and deliberate bi-national discussions of these issues.  Participants and organizers included the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative (DLCC), University of Arizona, Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS), North American Climate Services Partnership, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Big Bend National Park, NOAA’s Southern Region, and the World Wildlife Fund’s Chihuahuan Desert Program.